Our Services

We offer top-notch and quality automated and information systems to our clients.

Services Software and Application Development
In a wide range of development experience and know-how, to support the client's business From the SES of resident development in Tokyo and Osaka, collectively entrusted development of Tottori, to customize third-party product to make the software development according to customer requirements. To undertake the primary redeem most of the development projects, from the upstream process to downstream process, experience is rich because we have conducted a series of development, such as consulting, requirements definition, design, development, testing and maintenance. Areas of development achievements over the range, because there are many areas that have been involved in long-term, the development of knowledge and skills of course, the expertise of field-specific also abundant, is also a good proposal in consideration of the business side.
Website Development
In business, a design that put out the effect It contributes to the client's business, Web site creation that is able to generate effects, and has the purpose of making a UI / UX design. From consulting to follow after the release, a wide range, it will support on an ongoing basis.
Mobile Application Development
Be it iOS or Android, mobile technology continues to affect us in every level. Moving beyond desktops to meet the needs of your customers and employees, we only develop mobile apps that are true to the visions of our clients. Mobile apps that we develop, regardless of the technology they are built on, aim to augment the experience and not the platforms used alone.